Complete service to the grounds maintenance industry

Sports ground construction and renovation

Active Grounds Maintenance offers a complete ground care service with specific expertise in sports pitch construction and renovation. Our past contracts include football pitch construction on the Isle of Dogs and at Rikkyo School in Surrey, extension to hockey pitch at Chichester, reconstruction of cricket wicket at Hassocks and creation of a new high performance cricket square for Runnymead District Council. Golf green reinstatement, overseeding, grounds irrigation and sports pitch marking are further examples of our typical projects.

There are many types of works that require either expert skills or equipment designed for a particular type of activity. For example, specialised equipment is used on decompacting projects where the grounds have become hard and compressed with excessive use.

Active Grounds Maintenance is proud of the size and range of specialised equipment available for immediate use from our main depot in West Sussex, including

  • over seeders
  • verti drainers
  • bulk top dressers
  • Koro field top maker (fraise mowing)
  • deep scarifiers (to 50 mm)
  • Imants shockwave (linear aeration - earth quaking)

As part of the company's policy to provide customer the highest service level, the company continues to invest in capital equipment to enhance the 'all-in-package' of services available.