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... on cricket ground projects

"Sussex County Cricket Club have used Active Grounds Maintenance for several projects and we will certainly be using them in the future. Projects to date are:

May 07 - Vertidrained the practice net area.

Sept 08 - Fraize mowed the square with the Koro Field Top Maker. This removed all surplus organic matter from the surface of the wickets as well as cleaned out the annual meadowgrass. We then seeded and top dressed in house. A large portion of the ryegrass regenerated. This season we have a very 'clean' square with excellent grass coverage.

Sept 08 - Used the Koro machine to level the batting surfaces in our practice net area and to make them slope slightly to facilitate surface water run off. Several consultants and other contractors said that this could not be done and would need extensive re-construction, meaning that use the following year would be impossible, however, Richard and his team worked with us to make the 'impossible' possible, with excellent results! Their dedication to the job was exemplary where most other contractors would have given up. The nets were in play in mid-March and home and away teams are very very complimentary about them: Lancashire, Surrey, Middlesex,North ants, Kent and Durham so far this season.

Oct 08 - Scarified the outfield using the Koro machine. Excellent results, minimum damage and good clean up.

Oct 08 - Top dressed the outfield with 100 tonnes of topdressing.

Nov 08 - vertidrained outfield. Operator was very conscientious.

Jan/Feb 09 - Mini 'outfield project' re-construction of run up area in practice nets. Excavated 350 tonnes, installed drainage, imported and levelled new rootzone and turfed using washed turf. This project took place around a period of difficult weather and work had to stop for snow, however, the finished result is excellent and six weeks later the area was being used for practice. I am very pleased with the work.

March 09 - vertidraining on outfield.

Excellent work guys - well done and thank you.

I have no hesitation in recommending Active Grounds Maintenance/ Grasstex to others."

Andy Mackay
Head Groundsman
Sussex County Cricket Club

... on levelling of a cricket wicket

"Just wanted to thank you all for the work you did for us on the square at the weekend! That [Koro Field Topmaker] really is a great piece of equipment!!!!  Have to admit, it's quite scary looking at it all bald and knowing the colder weather is fast approaching - but I know I can seed again in the spring so that's not so bad. I think what you have done will make a huge improvement on the levels and I'm sure by next season the square will look really good."

Burgess Hill Cricket Club

... on football pitch maintenance

Over the past few years we have employed the services of Richard Conway at Active Ground / Grasstex Ltd to carry out our end of Season maintenance on our two football pitches. We normally have top dressing, over seeding, and slow release fertilizers on both pitches as well as the occasional tyning. Since we have this work done on a regular basis we feel we have 2 of the best pitches within Surrey and Sussex football of any standard and regularly host cup and representative matches . Although it can put a strain on the finances of a small Village Club to find this money every season, we have always felt it is money well spent.

Wayne (Honorary Secretary Alfold FC)

... on sports field renovation

Our sports field was laid out in 1965/66 and had herring-bone drainage put in. In those early years we had a football pitch and a cricket square. Now we have the main football pitch, cricket square and two junior football pitches. In the early days we used to mow, roll and seed the areas by hand. But in the later years the drainage was not working so well and in wet weather water used to lay around in some areas.

In the spring of 2007 Active Grounds Maintenance vertidrained the whole field, put 60 tons of pendean sand on the main football pitch and fertilized the whole field. We seeded goal areas and center circles of the football pitches ourselves, just to save costs, by hand. The field was then ran over with a drag-mat to disperse the sand. The field looked in good condition. After this treatment the grass really took off, especially on the main pitch. We still have a few wet areas - I think some drains are blocked after all these years - but the vertidraining really helped!

Ron Eggleton (Ground Co-ordinator Lower Beeding Association and Sports Field)